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4.5 sao trên tổng 127 đánh giá
31 Dec 2020 tại 14:40 shipper lại "quên" khẩu trang, lần thứ 3. phòng chống dịch là gì vậy? :(
7 Dec 2020 tại 14:43 no face mask? :(
18 Jun 2020 tại 15:06 Best quality of food have had for Japanese delievery so far. Delivery over 1 hour despite being 10 min away from resto. Driver tried to overcharge. Later they called to apologize when I raised this, which is good.
11 Jun 2020 tại 14:42 Some sauce spilled in the delivery bag, and, as always, too much plastic. Otherwise, 5 stars as usual for fresh tasty quality food and quick delivery! :-)
9 Jun 2020 tại 20:20 They made the wrong order for me. 2 times already.
4 May 2020 tại 12:52 quick delivery, delicious rolls, will definitely order again!
2 May 2020 tại 19:25 Best sushi restaurant in Hanoi. Eaten there and have had delivery. Constantly consistent.
1 May 2020 tại 7:12 Consistently excellent quality & service